connect w98 to wXP help please

  Jaro 22:18 22 Sep 06

Can you help me please i have posted this prob on netforum today and week ago aswell but nobody help me so far.this is the original post


Hope you can help me with this: I want to connect pc running win98 with pc running winxp to share internet connection.

Win98 pc (HOST) is desktop pc connected to the BT business internet through USB modem without any ports that would enable me to connect the other pc directly to it.

WinXP PC (CLIENT) is laptop that I want to connect to the host pc to share internet connection.

I have already tried to connect them directly with cross over cable with no avail. But I don’t say its not possible maybe I just made a mistake. I really need your help guys on this one its very important for me so please give me any suggestions you can up with.

Thank you

  ed-0 22:43 22 Sep 06

" I want to connect pc running win98 with pc running winxp to share internet connection. "

Is the internet connection broadband? If it is, I would be tempted to use a WiFi router.

You could hardwire the desktop with windows 98 and use either the built in Wifi of the laptop ( most do have it ) or use a usb WiFi dongle to connect to the router. This would give you maximum flexibility of the laptop, yet ease of connection to the windows 98 machine.

I do know that with windows 98 and XP. Bridging the void via rj45 cable can be a pain. In most circumstances software is needed for 98, thats what I found the easiest.

i did have some software to bridge the gap, I may have disgarded it, I'll go and have a look.;-)

  ade.h 22:52 22 Sep 06

Please avoid duplicating threads. Stick to your Networking thread.

  ed-0 22:58 22 Sep 06

Will pull out of this one ade.h.


better tick this as resolved and go back to networking;-)

ps sorry must of bined that disk :-(

  Jaro 00:06 23 Sep 06

ok i have post it here cos i did not find any help in netforum so please do not advise me to do waht i already know and try help me

  Jaro 00:08 23 Sep 06

thank you for your help anyway. the connection is broadband but the modem is dialing the number. what kind of router would be the best to buy ? it can be wired or wireless

  Jaro 00:10 23 Sep 06

what did u mean by hardwire the desktop with windows 98?

  Stuartli 00:10 23 Sep 06

Your response to ade.h was uncalled for and unnecessary.

Windows XP would be the host OS in this situation.

  Jaro 00:23 23 Sep 06

ok it probably was but i need help with the problem but ok sorry ade.h

the think is xp can not be a host it must be w98 its desktop comp with internet connection and i just need connect laptop wXp to it and share int. connection. i just need any advise how to make it work. should i by wireles router and if yes what kind of router do i need? or do i need swich? i really dont know please help

  Strawballs 00:25 23 Sep 06

Check your thread on network

  Jaro 00:28 23 Sep 06


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