Connect USB WIFI dongle to Ethernet Port on WIRED Router

  flofrance 29 Jan 12

I would like to connect my USB WIFI dongle directly to my wired router, this would enable me to have wifi access without having my PC switched on all the time, is this possible and if so what kind of adapter do I need? I think I need USB A Female to Ethernet RJ45 Male Router Adapter does anyone know if this is correct?

  onthelimit1 29 Jan 12

Would it not be easier to just get a wireless router? If you're with any of the main companies, they will probably give you one if you ask (and if they don't, threaten to leave and then they probably will!).

  flofrance 29 Jan 12

I want to keep my wired router as we have 2 PC's, I access wifi via a wifi dongle connected to my PC through a USP PORT but the PC has to be switched on to enable wifi connection. Can anyone help?

  difarn 29 Jan 12

I am not entirely sure what you are hoping to achieve

If you are saying that you want your two PC's to have wireless capability then onthelimit1's suggestion of a wireless router is the most straightforward answer.

You can set up an ad hoc network whereby your wifi is shared but this means that your PC will have to be left on, which you don't want.

  onthelimit1 29 Jan 12

Wireless routers also have 4 ethernet ports.

  mgmcc 31 Jan 12

You cannot connect a USB "Wireless Network Adapter" to a router and make it perform as a "Wireless Access Point".

"I think I need USB A Female to Ethernet RJ45 Male Router Adapter does anyone know if this is correct?"

USB is a "host controlled" technology and, unlike your PC, the router won't have a USB Host Controller to run USB devices. The only device you can connect to an existing "wired" router to give it "wireless" capability is a stand-alone "Wireless Access Point". Actually, that's not quite true, you could connect a wireless Cable/DSL router (which doesn't incorporate a modem) as a second router and connect to that. Stand-alone Wireless Access Points tend to be more expensive than a Wireless Cable/DSL Router which incorporates a Wireless Access Point.


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