Connect slave screen to portable dvd player?

  restless 12:19 26 Oct 07

I have a goodmans portable dvd and purchased a slave screen to use along with it,cables needed arnt supplied and really confused as to what I need.

The slave screen came with a din lead but dvd player hasnt got this connection.

Portable dvd has..av out,av in

Slave screen has the yellow,white,red connections and the din socket.

Can it be connected?


  ambra4 13:19 26 Oct 07

On the DVD player the AV out and AV in what type of sockets,

  restless 13:37 26 Oct 07


Sorry I not sure,there not coloured like on the screen

This is from manual of dvd player

Audio outputs/ inputs: 3.5mm
Video outputs/ inputs: 3.5mm composite

  ambra4 15:24 26 Oct 07

These is the type of cable you need to connect the monitor to DVD

Audio outputs/ inputs: 3.5mm

click here

Video outputs/ inputs: 3.5mm composite

click here

  ambra4 15:36 26 Oct 07

You sure it a din socket or a S video socket

S-Video Cable

click here

If you buy the 3.5mm composite you don’t need an audio cable

Seeing that the DVD don’t have a s-video cable you only need to buy the 3.5mm composite cable

  restless 16:04 26 Oct 07

Think the 3.5mm composite cable would be best choice...but on checking the car power adaptor splitter that came with slave screen the end that goes into dvd player (dc9v in) dosnt fit,its too big?Sems to me like goodmans has made it as hard as possible to connect an extra screen other than using their own!

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