Connect pc via ethernet cable with wireless setup?

  sumorabbit 20:45 30 Apr 07

Hi all!

I want to setup a wireless network in order to get my xbox 360 and my wii online. I'm with virgin media cable and was thinking of purchasing a Linksys WRT54GL router for the job.

However, my pc is right next to where the router would be and so i was wondering if i could actually connect the pc via an ethernet cable and wirelessly connect the 360 and wii, thus saving the need to buy a network card for my pc.

If not, could I possibly have a few recommendations for a reasonably priced network card, and an idea of how much work would be involved.

Thanks in advance!

  skidzy 21:06 30 Apr 07

In my opinion,its best to connect the router via ethernet to the pc.

Sorry dont know enough about the xbox and wii,so cannot comment there.

  sumorabbit 21:14 30 Apr 07

So, it would be possible then to connect the pc to the router via an ethernet cable would it? If it is then that would make it so much easier!!!

The xbox and wii shouldn't be a problem as I know what is required for both of them.

Thanks for your quick response Skidzy!

  skidzy 21:18 30 Apr 07

I have my router connected directly to the host pc and 4 other wireless computers scattered around the house.So you will be fine :-))

  sumorabbit 21:21 30 Apr 07

Lovely stuff!!!

Cheers once again Skidzy!!!

  skidzy 21:33 30 Apr 07

No probs sumorabbit all the best in your connections.

Please dont forget the resolved tick,this may help others in the future.

  sumorabbit 21:42 30 Apr 07

Sorry, I ticked the box but didn't click on resolved.


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