Connect music files on computer to usb port on hif

  fatviking 08:31 01 Oct 05

The computer (with large music file) is in the spare bedroom. The hifi (with usb port) is in the living room. What's the best way to unite the two wirelessly? Would an ordinary wireless usb connector (I've got wireless connection between the comp and the wife's laptop) do the job? How would I go about configuring things so the hifi is connected direct to the music files?

  DieSse 11:49 01 Oct 05

It's all going to depend on what the hi-fi USB port is for, and how it works. You'll have to tell us or direct to a specification on the web, please.

  fatviking 12:11 01 Oct 05

The usb port is for connecting an mp3 player, flash drive or usb pen drive etc.I can put mp3's off the comp onto my pen drive and the hifi reads them just fine.

  DieSse 20:17 01 Oct 05

That's not quite the same though - can you point us at a specification to how the hi-fi does whatever it does please.

  fatviking 10:05 02 Oct 05

Sorry - the only info I can find is that it's a "USB Flash Drive Playback" socket. The hifi in question is nothing fancy, It's a H&B HF-355. I just thought it'd be nice to link comp and hifi to have hundreds of cds at the touch of a button...Thanks anyway.

  DieSse 23:46 03 Oct 05

Sorry - I can't find anything more about it. But since it's specified to use basically a flash drive - the way a computer presents it's dat to a USB port is so different, I doubt very much if it would work.

Try it with just a cable, and see what happens - nothing to lose really, is there?

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