Connect Laptop to TV usign VGA to RCA

  2011mclaren 20 Mar 12

Hi, i just purchased the following wire:

Will this help connect my Laptop to my TV, P.S my laptop only has VGA to output, and my TV has usual YELLOW WHITE RED inputs for RCA on the side which don't match with this wire. Could i still connect it here.

However, the back of my tv has RED BLUHE GREEN inputs that match the wires.

Help PLZ

  Batch 20 Mar 12


  2011mclaren 20 Mar 12

What does that Mean??

  KRONOS the First 20 Mar 12

My suggestion is rather than post asking if it will work woud be to try it and then if necessary post. It will not do any damage to either the TV or PC.

  dms_05 20 Mar 12

I think Batch is suggesting you read the manual.

If I remember correctly the main problem is different Sync between the laptop and the TV. I connect my laptop to my TV with a VGA cable (my 40" Sony is fitted with a VGA socket - if you are looking at a new large screen TV then yours may be fitted with VGA as well). VGA to VGA with a suitable cable will work but I think you may have problems trying the Composite TV settings (Yellow is Video the White/Red is Audio). The Red/Green/Blue is for Component video where the TV expects the leads to feed it with those colours. Do take care as connecting the wrong sync to a TV may cause expensive problems on either the TV or laptop or even both.

  dms_05 20 Mar 12

This is a box of tricks that will convert VGA to Component video but it is expensive.


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