confused keyboard characters

Hi guys and gals

My keyboard has decided to play silly buggers.
The ampersand and quote marks have swapped places,the pound sign has completely disappeared and comes out as a hash sign and the hashsign comes out as a long vertical line.There are other changes as well although no letters are effected.
I have checked my keyboard settings and they appear to be correct as I am using a windows 101 keyboard set to american english.
I don't suspect the keyboard itself as a spare one behaves exactly the same.

grateful for any advice Pootie

  Peter 15:38 03 May 03


I think you need to set the keyboard to British English.


  otubby1 15:42 03 May 03

I had the same problem when I upgraded to XP Pro. The keyboard is set to UK American and needs changing to UK British in control panel.

  A Cat Called George 15:44 03 May 03

I think Peter has hit the nail squarely on the head.

Thank you peter

I feel like a right mook I had no idea that those additional options were there. Everything is as it should be

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