confused IE6 or 7 or 8??

  Yimbo 30 May 12

Recently two different web-sites I've visited - one for a hotel booking, and one for news - and the first told me I'm using IE6 and the site no longer supports it. The other has told me I'm using IE7 and it will shortly remove its support for this version.

In fact, I'm using IE8, and have been for some time past.

Can anyone tell me what's going on please?

  lotvic 30 May 12

Can you post a link for one of the sites then we can try it and see if we get same message (those that are using IE8)

  Yimbo 30 May 12
  AroundAgain 30 May 12

Hi Just tried your link in FireFox, IE 9 (both 32 and 64 bit) and all worked fine.

Hope you get sorted soon


  lotvic 30 May 12

Link opens page ok for me, using IE8. is also okay in Firefox and pages display identical in both browsers. So.... don't know why you get message.

  rdave13 31 May 12

This might give a clue, link?

  Yimbo 31 May 12

Thanks folks! I've looked at your link, rdave13, and it certainly seems I'm not the only one with this problem. I followed the link on the site which suggested uninstalling/re-installing IE8. But when I got to "Add/remove" for IE8, i saw that I also have installed a whole raft of Security Updates for IE8. I'm reluctant to unistall IE8 in case I also lose these updates, and end up worse that before!

My initial problem is more of a nuisance than anything else - so should I perhaps just live with it? What do you think?

  Woolwell 31 May 12

I think that you may have a corrupt registry entry. See Last post on this site. Reinstall may cure it.

  Yimbo 01 Jun 12

OK Woolwell - - I'll try it and see!



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