Confused - Graphics card update

  nick35 16:47 31 Jul 04

I want to upgrade my graphics card. Currently I have a NVIDIA Gforce4 Ti4200 64mb card. I am somewhat confused to what to upgrade to. For example, the XFX Geforce Fx5200 AGP8x 256MB DDR DVI TV-Out can be bought for £60 which has 256mb memory, AGP8x, DVI, is direct x 9 compliant & has a NVIDIA chip.
Why are there graphics cards costing up to £250 more but seem to have the same functions?

What is the difference?

What will be a good upgrade for me? I do quite a lot of video editing. My PC has a AMD 2500 Processor


  alan227 16:52 31 Jul 04

The FX5200 is a bag of s**t try a FX5700 or 5800.

  alan227 16:54 31 Jul 04

The difference in the price is related to how many pipelines the cards have the more pipelines the more work can be done and the faster it is.

  nick35 20:58 31 Jul 04


Is this one any good?

Msi Fx5900xt-vtd128 Agpx8 128mb Ddr Dual Vga Vivo Dvi

Would I see a noticeable difference over my ti4200?

What does Vivo mean?

Thanks again

  citadel 22:30 31 Jul 04

fx5900xt is faster than ti4200 and will be capable of showing all dx9 features.

  Chegs ® 00:47 01 Aug 04

I believe its Video In, Video Out.

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