Confused with CPU mhz.

  wrg 15:39 01 Mar 08

I was trying to use a programe which was haveing problems as it stated that my computer did not have enough cpu, that it requires 1800mhz and I only have available 800mhz. My cpu is 2000mhz. I have ran PCwizard and noticed the following. My cpu processor is 2000mhz but it tells me I only have 800mhz available. This figure started at 1980mhz when I first open it then after a few minutes it drops to 800mhz and remains at that. I am running dual core with core load 1 at 9% and 2 at 12%. Can anyone explain to me what this is all about. I always thought the processor speed was static.


  Technotiger 16:23 01 Mar 08

I think you will find that though you have a Sempron2000 cpu, the Actual Mhz is in fact 800mhz.
The number 2000 is I believe simply for identification.

  Technotiger 16:24 01 Mar 08

My own CPU is 3000+, but in fact is only 1.8Mhz.

  crosstrainer 16:26 01 Mar 08

As Technotiger say's for some unknown, confusing marketing reason, AMD decided to label their CPU's on how they thought they would perform, and not in MHZ that they actually are capable of. Semperons, Athlons Opterons the lot, all have this vague classification. I am running an Athlon FX 6200 (nope it doesn't run at 6.2ghz) It sounds to me as though your CPU is not up to the job of running the software.

  crosstrainer 16:32 01 Mar 08

It's also a misconception to assume that they can be overclocked to the label! (as many people found to their cost)

  wrg 16:47 01 Mar 08

So does this mean that when I thought I was buying a 2ghz laptop in fact I am only buying a 800mhz laptop?

  Technotiger 16:48 01 Mar 08


  Les28 16:49 01 Mar 08

Have you got a speedstep technology cpu ?

click here

  Les28 16:58 01 Mar 08

Or are you running Vista laptop in power saving mode

click here

  wrg 17:04 01 Mar 08

how can I tell if I have speedstep technology

  wrg 17:15 01 Mar 08

Les thanks for your input (and all others)
I have looked at the power plan and it is HP recommended. In the advanced settings it has the processer power management settings as min 5% and maximum 100%

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