Confused About Disk Partition

  Legslip 22:14 22 Nov 07

Just bought a new laptop (vista) and the 120gb h.disk is partitioned into a 50gb section that programms load to (C) and a 70gb sector labeled Data (D). When I save any work it saves to 'Documents' on the C Drive. Is the idea that any work saved should be saved to the D Drive? If so do I need to move the 'documents' folder to this drive?

  SANTOS7 22:21 22 Nov 07

no need to move "my docs" when you save something you should be given the option to save it where you like.
you can create diferent folders on your D:/ drive and save your files to those...

  VoG II 22:23 22 Nov 07

click here - just make sure that you have no documents open when you do this.

  Legslip 22:23 22 Nov 07

Should I then create a 'My Documents' folder on the Data section and save work to there? How do I make this the default location when savin?

  Technotiger 22:26 22 Nov 07

Hi, no it is not necessary to move your My Documents folder, it is quite normal for documents to be saved in that location. 50Gb still gives you plenty of room - unless you are into making very large documents and lots of them. If you have things like photo editing programs, games and so on these could be installed onto the D: partition - of course when you are installing anything at all, you normally have the option to choose where you want the items to be located.

  Technotiger 22:27 22 Nov 07

I must learn to type faster:-)

  Legslip 22:30 22 Nov 07

..think we overlapped. Excellent support as usual. Created Documents on D as per your link but created new doc in Word and it still defaults to Documents on Cwhen saved.

  Technotiger 22:31 22 Nov 07

Hi Friend, just read your link - hmmm, 'fraid I have to disagree with most of what the guy there said. Or does that guy not know about Acronis and having a external hard drive .... :-)

  VoG II 22:34 22 Nov 07

In Word have a look at Tools > Options. I'm sure there's a default save to in there somewhere. I'm now on Office 2007 and it's all different.

  Legslip 22:39 22 Nov 07

Wot you mean? Surely you save your day to day work to your PC, not an xtl drive? I have cracked saving by default to the Data 'D' drive.

  cornflakes 22:42 22 Nov 07

1. Click on "Start" button
2. Right click on "My Documents" and select Properties
3. On the dialog box that apears, Click - Target
4. Click on "Move" (The center button)
5. Another box appears "Select a destination"
6. Click on My Computer and select the location (in your case D drive)and click OK

Thats it, hope it helps.

PS Should you ever need to format the hard drive you will not lose your Data as its on a different partition - BUT MAKE A BACK-UP JUST IN CASE

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