conflict broadband-----56k modem

  sam 06:50 26 May 04

Hi all

do you need to disconnect BB to use 56k modem

thanks all


  €dstowe 06:54 26 May 04

What will you be using the 56K for whilst connected with BB?

We use BB and, at the same time, a 56K modem for Fax purposes but I understand you should not have a BB and a dial up connection at the same time.

  allan01 07:45 26 May 04

After installing my broadband modem, I tried connecting to both broadband and dial-up simultaneously, just out of interest, and it seemed to work with no problems. It is effectively 2 seperate connections, so I can't see why it would be an issue.

  sam 08:13 26 May 04

hi thanks for swift reply

i dont need to use both at same time

want 56k as backup just in case bb lets me down like it did other day ,bt doing line maintainance

on connection window i change from aol bb,to my other ISP which was setup other day,but i get a failed to connect error every time

hope this explains a bit more
,thanks again


  Wak 09:02 26 May 04

Hi, I have NTL BB and a 56K modem also connected to NTL and am able to use both separately by going to Outlook Express/ Tools/ Accounts and changing the connection from LAN to dial-up.
I would suggest that you temporarily disconnect your BB and then try and establish a good Modem connection which works.
You should then be able to choose between BB for internet and Modem for Fax, etc.

  sam 18:05 27 May 04

Hi everybody who replied
sorted it out

many thanks for usefull advise


  bruno 00:24 28 May 04

I have done what you are trying to do and there is no conflict,but it is better to leave your dial-up disconnected until you need it, to prevent one of these auto-diallers getting to work.Better safe than sorry.

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