Conflics in Norton AV

  golfpro 09:00 01 Aug 05

Referring to my post a couple of days ago when my PC was hanging halfway through a Norton AV scan. I tried all sorts of things with no success, except when I disabled the Ad-watch facility bundled with Ad-aware SE plus, it then ran through OK.
I would not be 100% sure but I think there is some sort of conflict between Norton and other Pop up/ Spy ware programs.
If anyone has found this, please let me know before I report this to Norton support.

  golfpro 09:03 01 Aug 05

I don't know if this happens with all versions, I am using Norton system works 2002.

  Danoh 09:42 01 Aug 05

I use Norton Internet Security 2005 jointly with Ad-Aware, SpyBot, A-squared; no conflicts or hangs such as what you have described. I'm not a fan of Norton's Utilities which is bundled together with Norton A/V in System Works.

  ade.h 18:21 01 Aug 05

Hi Golfpro. Any two scanners running (ie actaully scanning files) simultaneously can sometimes cause problems, particularly if they happen to scan the same file and fight for access. As an automated active scanner such as an AV will scan files as they are opened or executed, it can be triggered by the activity of another scanner that has been started manually.

Similarly, if two AVs are run together (for example; one installed AV running in the background and one online scan) they can read each others virus definitions as viruses and go haywire, trying to delete/quarantine files that are actually perfectly safe. I once experienced that when running a Panda online scan while forgetting to switch off my own AV!

  golfpro 19:29 01 Aug 05

Hmm. So the best one can do, is to disable all other spyware/ad-ware systems before running your AV system check. Sounds a bit cock-eyed to me, but if that's what it takes, I will do it until I find an AV system that is not affected by any other program.

  Danoh 20:43 01 Aug 05

Anti SpyWare, Adware programs do not intefere with Norton A/V. I have also run online scans by Symantec and Trend without any conflicts with my Norton A/V. However Utility programs could, amongst other conflicts which is why I am not a fan.

  ade.h 21:20 01 Aug 05

Both the Panda online scan and the F-Prot online scan can and do cause virus warnings and quarantine attempts when Norton Antivirus 2004 (and quite probably other versions) are running. I have had prior experience of this occurence when I used to use Norton.

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