Confine Win XP desktop

  Amalric III 10:05 22 Sep 08

I have damaged my 25" wide" ViewSonic screen, so that the left 4" inches if the desktop cannot be viewed. If I could confine the desktop to the right hand 21" area, it could still use it as a monitor. Any ideas how this could be done?

  mgmcc 11:13 22 Sep 08

Can you set a resolution that doesn't use the full screen width, which probably means one that isn't "widescreen", and then use the control that would normally "centre" the image to move it off the bad section?

  DieSse 13:50 22 Sep 08

See if you can claim on your household insurance.

  Amalric III 16:57 23 Sep 08

Also, the taskbar at the bottom of the screen has disappeared and cannot be recovered. This makes the machine almost useless, even if I solve the problem of clicking on start by buying a new monitorl

I have decided to abandon using Microsoft Operation systems in favor of MAC and Linux. MAC is almost impossible also after I upgraded to Leopard and Linux has just stopped accepting my password, thus locking me off too.

Any solutions????

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