Configuring windows updates Stage 3 of 3 0% complete Do not restart

  aljaytee 29 Jun 12

Hello I did not install any updates and shut my pc down normally but next day I got the above message.I have tried every boot up option without success.The pc endlessly restarts with the same message.I have selected Vista DVD as the first option but nothing happens when I insert it,although I have used it before.If I select Disable automatic restart on system failure,it still restarts!Can somebody please help?

  difarn 29 Jun 12

When you tried to boot using the Vista DVD did you choose the "Repair diagnosed - a patch is preventing the system from starting" which should allow a system restore?

If this works you should then install this update from Microsoft to enable future updates to install correctly.

  aljaytee 29 Jun 12

Hello I can't reboot from the dvd-just get a blank screen!

  chub_tor 29 Jun 12

"I have tried every boot up option without success." Does this mean that you have tried tapping F8 on start up to try and get into Safe Mode?

As a matter of interest how long did you wait with the message "Configuring windows updates Stage 3 of 3 0% complete Do not restart" before you re-booted or did it just keep re-booting all by itself?

  bremner 29 Jun 12

It can take quite a while for the update to complete the installation on reboot. How long have you actually given it to complete?

  lotvic 29 Jun 12

The message told you not to restart.

That is a MS automated update not one that gives you (or anyone else on a Windows pc) a choice or control over it so just let it finish.

  aljaytee 30 Jun 12

Hello Everybody Thank you for your help.I have now managed to d a system restore from the dvd afer several days of trying.Before today I could not get anything from the disc but it's finally deded to work.I did not install any updates at all before shutting dow the pc so don't know what it was configuring!The computer just kept shutting down and restarting by itself for days.


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