configuring webserver for mime settings

  ©®@$? 22:21 18 Apr 04

i have some webspace that is part of my adsl, i gather i cannot configure it or have much control over it..

i need to set the server up so it can understand jad and jar files

i need to set it up so when i click on the jad file, it downloads and installs the jar file

The MIME type for a JAR file is application/java-archive.
The MIME type for the JAD file is text/

i gather that this cannot be done on my free webspace, so i have got some webspace at lycos, starter package with my own domain name, but i cannot find anything to configure it any ideas?

For Apache servers, you just need to add these lines to a .htaccess file:

AddType text/ jad
AddType application/java-archive jar

but i havn't got one, so does anyone know of a free apache server/webspace i can use


  ©®@$? 22:54 18 Apr 04

or even an alternative webspace that will allow



  ©®@$? 23:56 18 Apr 04

thanks anyway

i've done it

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