Configuring AOL?

  Lokit 19:20 07 Feb 05

This afternoon I had my first experience of a PC running or should I say "totally dominated" by AOL.

A neighbour's machine [667 MHz Celeron/192 Mb ram , XP] is on AOL Broadband. He is having problems and a format looks on the cards.

However , the question I have is whether AOL can be configured from DUN with his username and password.

Having seen my BT setup he is of the opinion that the AOL software should be binned.

  Djohn 19:27 07 Feb 05

Yes, it can. No need to load the AOL software at all. Use, username and password and connect to net like any other ISP.

  Lokit 19:35 07 Feb 05

Thanks Djohn!

The telephone number I use for BT is 0,38 so I assume that AOL uses the same gateway but the "" is the defining part of the address which sorts out the ISP?

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