Conexant SoftK56 won't dial!

  scotbruce 09:27 07 Jan 05

As above. P2 running ME with 128mb. Modem starts up, dialtone heard, then modem disconnects without dialing and repeats.

Log shown below in case it helps.

Gotta be something simple, but can't think what.
Any suggestions very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

01-07-2005 09:02:18.53 - Conexant SoftK56 PCI Modem(M) in use.
01-07-2005 09:02:18.53 - Modem type: Conexant SoftK56 PCI Modem(M)
01-07-2005 09:02:18.53 - Modem inf path: D215DTM.INF
01-07-2005 09:02:18.53 - Modem inf section: HSFModem1
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - 57600,N,8,1
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - 115200,N,8,1
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - 115200,N,8,1
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Initializing modem.
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Send: AT cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Recv: AT cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Recv: cr> lf>OK cr> lf>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Interpreted response: Ok
01-07-2005 09:02:18.85 - Send: AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2+MR=2;+DR=1;+ER=1;W0 cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Recv: AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2+MR=2;+DR=1;+ER=1;W0 cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Recv: cr> lf>OK cr> lf>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Interpreted response: Ok
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Send: ATS7=255M1+ES=3,0,2;+DS=3;+IFC=2,2;X4 cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Recv: cr> lf>OK cr> lf>
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Interpreted response: Ok
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Dialing.
01-07-2005 09:02:18.86 - Send: ATDP; cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:20.39 - Recv: cr> lf>OK cr> lf>
01-07-2005 09:02:20.39 - Interpreted response: Ok
01-07-2005 09:02:20.39 - Dialing.
01-07-2005 09:02:20.39 - Send: ATDP####,,########### cr>
01-07-2005 09:02:21.39 - Recv: cr> lf>RESTRICTED cr> lf> cr> lf>OK cr> lf>
01-07-2005 09:02:21.39 - WARNING: Unrecognized response. Retrying...
01-07-2005 09:02:21.39 - Hanging up the modem.
01-07-2005 09:02:22.41 - Session Statistics:
01-07-2005 09:02:22.41 - Reads : 86 bytes
01-07-2005 09:02:22.41 - Writes: 108 bytes
01-07-2005 09:02:22.41 - Conexant SoftK56 PCI Modem(M) closed.

  gudgulf 09:56 07 Jan 05

Check that the number the modem is dialing is the correct one----The WARNING unrecognised response at the end of the log suggests it has got a connection but not the one it was expecting so has terminated the call.That and the fact you hear it dial suggest the modem itself is working ok.HAve you scanned for malware recently?

Also check you connection settings in the internet options.If you are trying to connect to your ISP make sure always dial my default connection is ticked.

  JIM 10:32 07 Jan 05

poss,BT 1571 answer system with your service and you clear messages all may work as per-norm. (If you have?)

gudgulf checks, plus check the cable from modem to bt line for connection.

  Modo 11:07 07 Jan 05

Is this on a Mesh by any chance?

  scotbruce 15:07 07 Jan 05

It's on a computer (not a Mesh) that I've just been 'cleaning' - had umpteen instances of the netsky worm and a couple of trojans (and no anti-virus or firewall!), but clean now according to AVG/Trend/Spybot/Adaware/Spyware blaster.

The connection (BT Openworld - 1470,,08457560000, but same prob with 08457560000) is set as default.

The same thinh happens if I try to use a Freeserve connection.

1571 is clear.

A broadband modem I've installed temporarily works fine.

Likewise, it appears to me that it's a software, not a hardware problem, but........?

  Diemmess 15:17 07 Jan 05

To the non-professional but curious dabbler like me, the modem has been a 'Black Art' to me since Win 3.0

Is it possible that the Com Port has somehow been changed? Have you tried the old trick of "removing" and re-installing the modem drivers?

  Modo 15:49 07 Jan 05

Our Mesh machine with that Modem really doesn't get on with the Drivers that XP points it at.

We were suggested these and they solved the problem.

click here

The other thing we noted is that you had to give the program exclusive use of the modem - which was odd becuse we had nothing else that could possibly be using the modem!

  scotbruce 19:49 08 Jan 05

Gotcha! Found a (older!) driver on driverguide and that did the biz (slower and as a generic softk56, but hey.....!).

Cheers all - till next time!

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