conection speed

  geewis 23:49 10 Jul 03

Hi guys
I use a standard 56k modem and my conection speed never goes above 28.6kbs but my brother in law regularly surfs at 40+ so does my next door neighbour what could be the matter, I now have a very high end speck PC p4 2.2 with a gig of ram, the only thing I can think of is that over the last cuple of years the one thing I have never changed is the modem cable could this be the problem, I also use a 15" extintion cable to get me to the phone socket, has any body got any Ideas

  woodchip 23:59 10 Jul 03

My extensions about 80 feet. And I get 48000bps it may be you have a bad line outside

  woodchip 00:00 11 Jul 03

It may also be a dax shared line

  geewis 00:08 11 Jul 03

you may be corect but what I failed to point out is that since I first started surfing some 3 years ogo I mooved houses and changed PCs but still no faster conection but the guy who lives next door to me has a conection speed of 40+ kbs, the only thing that has never changed it the cable I use.

  ronm 00:25 11 Jul 03

It is most probably your internet provider I am with Freeserve and only get 31.2 kb but when I tried AOL I was getting over 40Kb, I think they are trying to get us to sign up for broadband

  Quiller. 07:01 11 Jul 03

Yes, trying a new extension and phone cable is a good idea.

I was asked to look at an X\P machine that had varying connection speeds. The telephone extension lead had been fed under the hall carpet. I tried the extension out by plugging the house phone in the socket. The distortion was terrible.

A new telephone extension, £4.75, was fixed to the skirting board. It is now surfing at 45.2kbs, always. I also put a spare, unused, modem cable in.

  slimpickins 09:25 11 Jul 03

I run a campaign on the west of Scotland to get rid of them and in every case of a speed below 33kbps there is a DACS on the line.

They are also installed to put a second line in a house and at the exchange. That your neighbour has a good line is not unusual.

Phone BT customer services and ask them to test the line, they will tekll you if one is present.

  DieSse 09:40 11 Jul 03

But it could also be the modem, and/or the modem setup.

Or it could be you have too many other devices on the line. Disconnect them all (even the Sky box?) and try.

A good plan would b to ask your neighbours or friends who can get higher speeds, if you could try your system on their line. This would at least tell you if it's a line or modem/system problem

  shortcircuit 09:49 11 Jul 03

Sorry Diesse.

Would normally agree with you,but this sounds like a Dacs line. I bet the house is a newish semi. I had one in my house Hado buy Homehighway from Bt. What ripoff!! I basicly paid £30 per month for a year +£100 install with modem=£460, to get a similar speed to my brothers down the road. You darent use 128K as the bills were astrinomical. After a year, I dumped it but they told me that my line would no longer be shared.Old with BBand. Bliss!!

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