Conditional Formating

  recap 20:05 18 Mar 09

I have been asked a question on conditional formating that I don't know the answer to and am hoping somebody can help?

Scenario: staff need to regularly update their training via refresher courses or they would have to resit the whole course for the qualification.

In conditional formating this will allow notificaton for the next month before the due date, what has been asked is if this can be extended to two months?

Sorry I don't have an example as it is from a contact who cannot show me the spreadsheet they have for data protection reasons.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


  Simsy 20:09 18 Mar 09

a formula has been used for the conditional formatting that contains the number 30...

If this is so all that needs to be done is to change this to 60.

Without further detail of how it's currently done it's difficult to advise further.

Hope this helps,



  recap 20:15 18 Mar 09

Simsy, I should have mentioned that they are using Excel 2007 and there is a conditional formating button which apparently does the formula for you.

  VoG II 20:34 18 Mar 09

In Excel 2007 they need to select the cells that this CF applies to, on the Home tab click Conditional Formatting, select Manage Rules, click Edit Rule, change 30 to 60 as Simsy suggested then click OK twice.

  recap 20:54 19 Mar 09

Thanks to you both, I will pass this on.

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