computor interference

  derf1 23:17 04 Apr 03

Every time i switch on my computor my wife gives me hell because she can no longer listen to her favourite radio station, are there suppressor!!

  woodchip 23:24 04 Apr 03

Move the radio or the comp. you should not be emitting that kind of interference from a comp is it an old one. If not then there is some bad shielding some ware ether monitor or system box

  derf1 23:55 04 Apr 03

thanks woodchip - its atlon xp 2100 cpu fairly new the radio is upstairs, I could get my wife to leave home!!

  woodchip 14:53 05 Apr 03

They have to meet emission standards but if you have removed anything it may no now be in place. Shielding that is

  woodchip 14:55 05 Apr 03

PS could it be something else you have got attached to the comp

  bines 19:41 05 Apr 03

It could be that the radio is receiving a fairly weak signal. Try a stronger station and see if there is still interference. If not you might need to look at a better aerial or better siting of the existing one. The aerials on portable VHF radios are not too good if you're in a weak-signal area. You might need to use an outdoor aerial instead - and accept the necessity for a coax feeder which defeats the 'portability' somewhat.


  derf1 21:44 05 Apr 03

I shall invest in a new roof top aerial in the week

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