Computer/X Box Broadband Connection

  Antler 00:16 29 Nov 04

I have broadband internet from Blueyonder which is connected to my computer via a cabel modem. My son has got an X-box and begun playing the X-box over the internet. He does this by disconnecting Broadband from the computer and connecting it to the X-box. I am fed up dis-connecting and re-connecting the Broadband connection. I understand that a hub??? will allow us to have both the Computer and X-box [in fact several X-boxes ???] connected to Broadband at the same time. Is this right and will a Hub perform this function???
What type of hub do I need
I'm told there are also there is a wireless version call a router??? How does this work and what else do I need to make it work.

  Strawballs 00:26 29 Nov 04

A router would be better but I don't know if you could use a wireless one because I don't think that the X Box has any PCI slots for the wireless card that would be needed. A router is better than a hub because the X Box could still connect without the pc being turned on wereas with a hub you would.

  PSF 00:32 29 Nov 04

The router is the best option as the X Box uses a RJ45 connection. (standard network lead)

The X Box can then be used with or without the pc being switched on.

  JIM 00:36 29 Nov 04

A blueyonder dual connector. This allows you to use your console and PC at the same time, saving you the hassle of having to disconnect one to use the other.

  PSF 00:44 29 Nov 04

click here for info from the X Box site. Using the router will allow more than one pc/X Box to be connected as they are also a network hub/switch. That is what I use for my son to connect his X Box to the internet without interfering with the pc's.

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