Computer Working on its own without my help.

  DerekJJBrooks 11:31 23 Dec 04

I have for 3 weeks been finding strange anomolies with my PC, I have run Spybot, and have active Firewall and Anti Virus all reporting 100% OK.

If I leave my PC switched on, the screensaver kicks in for a few seconds then stops, on my desktop will be a box, as if I had right clicked my mouse on the desktop and wanted to bring this box up myself.

Programmes will open themselves without me on the computer.

IF I am typing a letter or email, as I type the cursor moves to another line, midline and continues typing from there or go to the bottom of the page where I have not typed yet.

Also my mouse will go freelance, and move around without my control, skidding basically, until I click somewhere to fix it again.

My hard drive light comes on, and is working even if I am not using PC, and screensaver is inactive.

I am eperience user, but cannot locate problem, any help would be immensely appreciated.


  Dorsai 11:38 23 Dec 04

If it were me, the next time it started misbehaving i would disconnect from the net (IE unplug the phone line) an see if it stops playing up.

Another thought, is it a wireless keyboard and mouse? Perhaps someone else close by has the same ones, and your PC is picking up their signal. It's heppened to me at work, when suddenly text starts to appear on my screen, and i look over, and it is the text the person next to me is typing.

  Stuartli 14:28 23 Dec 04

Re the wireless mouse and keyboard link - are you using any other remote controls in the room, such as a TV version or one for a TV card?

My wireless mouse/keyboard initial setup mentioned the steps to take if another remote control was within a few metres of the transmitter.

  Dorsai 15:55 23 Dec 04

From DerekJJBrooks via e-mail

"Thanks for your reply. This happens if I am not connected to the Net, and I do not use a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse. I am only user in my own home, so that won't be solution in my case."

crazy mouse? Hit ctrl + Alt + Del, and see if you have a program called 'crazy mouse' running.

  *Silver*Hawk* 16:06 23 Dec 04

your pc maybe possessed by a ghoul.

  Dorsai 20:13 23 Dec 04

Via E-mail,

"I have checked and I have a Mulmouse.exe working in processes and I don't know what it is, could it be the problem"

DerekJJBrooks, the best way to reply to this thread is by typing in the 'add new response' box right at the bottom of the page, and then hitting the 'post response' button.

Mulmouse.exe would seem to be some form of nastie. A search on google and Yahoo comes up with shed loads of users having problems, seemingly caused by it.

It seems to be associated somehow with the cool web search hijack.

Anyone know Nellie2, as she would be my suggested person to fix it.

  Dorsai 20:26 23 Dec 04

I have sortof Broken The Rules, and contacted another fourum member vial E-mail, asking for His Help.

While waiting for assistance, have you tried

spybot click here

adaware click here

a squared. click here

  VoG II 20:42 23 Dec 04

Try CWShredder as well click here

Hopefully Nellie2, our resident Slyware Huntress, will be able to help if that does not remove it.

  Dorsai 20:51 23 Dec 04

Thanks VoG™, if i get any more mesages from DerekJJBrooks i will foward them. But i hope he will reply in person here.

  Nellie2 21:14 23 Dec 04

I don't think mulmouse.exe is a problem... I have had a look at a couple of logs where it is present and it seems to be related to a logitec wireless keyboard and mouse.

  Graham ® 21:35 23 Dec 04

Another 'prank' program? Move cursor to top left to deactivate.

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