computer wont switch on after long time off!!

  kev_t1982 08:36 12 Jul 06


Ive an AMD 64 desktop computer. I hadn't switched it on for about a week and a half and now it wont power up at all. I have tried different power leads but to no avail. I suspect this is the battery. If so, how do i go about replacing it and where can i buy a new one? I did a google search for computer batteries but it just came up with laptop batteries. Doesnt help when you dont know what you're looking for though!!

Any help much appreciated


  Fellsider 08:44 12 Jul 06

Firstly, I would be looking at the power lead, PSU (switch on back hasn't been switched off has it?)

Is there any response from the power lamp when you power on?

AFAIK the motherboard battery simply powers the system clock, it's usually a 'button' type battery and you would need to remove it to get the part number (or look at the mb handbook)

  kev_t1982 11:37 12 Jul 06

Ive swapped power leads with the monitor which is switching on but still the computer wont power up. The switch is definately on. There's no response from the power lamp.

Would the motherboard battery stop the computer firing up?

  johnnyrocker 11:43 12 Jul 06

no it wouldnt, as said runs clock etc, i would suspect the power suppply unit, do you have a spare to hand?


  kev_t1982 12:01 12 Jul 06

No, dont have a spare power supply unit to hand. Any ideas where i can get one?

  SANTOS7 12:07 12 Jul 06

Went to my local store in the town asked for PSU, what size he said 400watt i said 15 quid he said baught it i did, took it home, fitted, fixed!!!

Your nearest computer shop will have them in stock, if you are not sure how to fit it i am sure they will do it for you......

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