computer won't start......

  Seadog 10:35 14 Apr 06

My sons computer (home build 2.4GHz P4 Win Xp home) regularly fails to start up, sometimes it hangs at the Win Xp screen with the moving bar and at other times at the blue "windows is starting" screen or on one occasion it hung at the log in page. The monitor light flashes - no signal, and the hard drive active light goes out.

It seems to only do this if it has been shut down for an extended period (a day or two) and with the power off at the wall socket although I don't see how this can make any difference!
I have run sfc /scannow and the anti-virus and spyware is up to date, could it be a hardware problem? Maybe something beginning to fail?
Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 14 Apr 06

Hanging at the "blue bar" and later is usually signs of problems with drivers.

Suggest you check for latest updates of drivers for your equipment and if you don't find updates then at least uninstall and einstall the drivers in device manager.

  Seadog 10:58 14 Apr 06

Thanks for that Fruit Bat, I'll try that later today, however, no hardware has been added to his system, that I know of since we built it a year or so ago. The only thing is a usb hub, that didn't have any drivers with it............

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