computer won`t start up

  nhojnhoj35 20:15 25 Mar 05

Hi, ive got a major problem with my pc and it won`t even start up so I can try and sort it.

I uninstalled SKYPE from my PC then installed the updated version. Then I unplugged my speakers and plugged in my headset. My PC then froze so I switched it off and tried to restart it but it wont start up.
It chugs and buzzes a bit then nothing. just a blank screen.

i wondered if maybe somethings blown because I unplugged the speakers with the PC still switched on but if so, then its a built in soundcard so i don`t know what to do about it.

how can i get my pc to come back on?

im using windows xp with a good spec system. its about 18months old.
please can someone help me.
thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 20:18 25 Mar 05

When you start, do you get any beeps?

Can you try pressing F8 at start to get a menu? If so, choose "safe mode".

Do you have an OS CD? If so, boot with it.

  nhojnhoj35 20:24 25 Mar 05

hi, no beeps, so don`t get the opportunity to get to safe mode. im fearing the worst!

  nhojnhoj35 20:56 25 Mar 05

please could someone help.

if i put my xp home disk in the drive will i get anywhere?

  josie mayhem 21:07 25 Mar 05

Yes, it should boot to the cd, and then you will be given the option to repair of reformat.

If it does boot, restart the computer and checkbios to ensure that it cd rom is first to boot.

  keith-236785 21:10 25 Mar 05

if you are not getting the initial beep for "all ok" then maybe there is a problem, putting the winxp disc in would make no difference if your pc isnt loading the bios.

try Unplugging the pc, leave for a few minutes and plug back in, try to boot up and see what happens

dont think unplugging speakers would cause a problem like this.

  woodchip 21:10 25 Mar 05

It sounds like You need a New PSU, that's bigger than the one that's in

  nhojnhoj35 21:27 25 Mar 05

tried leaving for a few minutes. doesnt make any difference.

pc locked up a few times while i was playing around with skype. but was ok when i rebooted

  lotvic 21:39 25 Mar 05

I suggest:
switch everything off
then, each one in turn, take out and re-insert every lead there is. It may be that one of them has worked loose. (this happened to me - twice!)

If there are still no beeps and start up then it could be the memory stick has worked loose and needs popping back into place.

Q: do any lights come on, on the pc
Q: Is the monitor screen showing any sign of life or is it not receiving any signal at all (check the fuse in the wall plug - you never know..)

  nhojnhoj35 21:51 25 Mar 05

i`ve pulled all the plugs, still no joy.
monitor says `no signal` then reverts to orange light.
on one occassion the start up went as far as checking the drives . (ie. the floppy drive made a noise) but every other time theres just nothing.

not sure if any other lights come on as im not at home at the moment

thanks for help so far.
any other offers? i suppose i`ll take the cover off in the morning and check all the plugs.
ive had it 18 months and never had ANY kind of problem with it until now.

  woodchip 21:53 25 Mar 05

Try this before anything, download the tenth file from top it is a win98se OEM boot disc but will work with your drive click here put a disc in comp and double click the download. then start with disc at A:\> type FDISK/MBR press enter restart comp see if it goes if not try running the restore cd

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