Computer won't bootup

  stuck 14:15 19 Jan 03
  stuck 14:15 19 Jan 03

When I power up my computer all the fans and things come on but I get nothing on the screen. Any help would be great

  mr gee 14:21 19 Jan 03

have you done anything lately? like add hardeware (or software) if you have and you have have had the computer case off check to make sure that all the cables ,memory etc; all seated properly.

  woodchip 14:31 19 Jan 03

Could be one of four things

1/low power from PSU=Adding extra Hardware

2/PCU up the spout= overheating

3/Bad Memory=just bad

4/Duff Motherboard= dry joints

  Zaxifone 14:57 19 Jan 03

Or it could be your graphics card. You could try taking it out and reseating it. Common thing....


  stuck 15:40 19 Jan 03

I have unplugged the CD-ROM drive and unplugged all the cables and put them back in the holes again and still nothing. PS I have not reconnected the CD drive

  woodchip 20:17 19 Jan 03

try with all the drives unplugged to see if you get anything on screen

  stuck 20:36 19 Jan 03

Still nothing :( woodchip

  woodchip 20:48 19 Jan 03

Try removing and refitting the CPU, and make shure it's pushed full in Keep pressing on it when you put the lever down

  woodchip 20:49 19 Jan 03

PS are there any beep's at start

  preston 21:09 19 Jan 03

check the monitor

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