computer wont boot - a puzzler!!!!

  nhojnhoj35 16:37 03 Mar 08

very strange this! i have been working on a laptop for friend that was running at snails pace. Its a Fujitsu Seimens laptop with XP, about 2-3 years old.

it hasn`t been used for 6 months because of this fault. it took me about 1/2hr to figure out that norton was the problem so i uninstalled and off we go!

anyway so now its working i decided to update xp and one or two other things but i couldnt connect to my wireless router. this is a problem i have come across before as i have a vigor 3800 which a lot of older pc`s dont like. normally just updating the driver for the wireless card does the trick so i did a quick goole, found the file, d/loaded it onto my pen drive on my pc, plugged the pen drive in to this pc and bobs your uncle!
only he`s not.........!!

because what happened then was when i plugged the pen drive in it reported a fault and said `your software may not run correctly.`
So I decided to reboot the pc but forgot to unplug the pen drive. next i got a fatal error , realised I had left the pen drive in, unplugged it and rebooted again. now i got a message saying the user profile was corrupted and everything in `my documents` had vanished, i tried several reboots but no joy.
now i decided to do a system restore to restore the pc to the settings it had on 2 hours earlier....and that was the last time it worked!

now all i get is a message saying `windows did not start correctly, how would you like to restart?` and no matter what i select, (normal start, safe mode or last known good configuration) it just goes through the same cycle and ends up back at this page. what the hells happened i dont know but I just cannot get it to come on. any help would be appreciated.
Im thinking if I get my hands on an xp disk and change the boot order to disk first then i can run a repair program?

  skidzy 16:50 03 Mar 08

Chances are your Master Boot Record is now corrupt giving you a looping system.I think a repair is best here click here

Alternatively you maybe lucky if the computer has a recovery partition.

Now im unsure if it has the restore/recovery partition on Fujitsu Seimens but try tapping F11 or F10 on startup,this may take a few attempts.This assuming it does have the partition.

If this exists,you will be welcomed by three options normally;

1) Repair xp with data loss
2) Reinstall windows with data loss
3)Restore to factory settings (destructive) everything will be lost and back to how the machine was bought.

  crosstrainer 16:54 03 Mar 08

click here

If this utility is on the machine, you may be able to recover from the restore partition.

  nhojnhoj35 18:04 03 Mar 08

Thanks for these suggestions, no sign of this utility on the machine.
I will try the repair first

  nhojnhoj35 00:10 04 Mar 08

the repair worked by allowing me to get the thing working and save the files on it but there are all sorts of files missing from the OS which I think mean a clean install is needed.
thx for all help

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