Computer won't boot at all then if it does it hangs during startup

  thosjc 24 Jun 12

On return from holiday my computer wound not boot . Fans were on but no splash screen. I found a couple of similar examples on the forum and as suggested turned everything off unplugged all peripherals, held down power switch for 40secs reconnected everything and tried again this time I got as far as the desktop opening but the system thn hung -I think when loading the grraphics driver. I repeated this all a few more times with same results -no initial boot eventually getting through using the 'discharge' sequence but then hanging when loading startup drivers. My Computer is about 3yrs old. Is there anything I can try to fix or at least narrow down the source of the problem before I buy unnecessary hardware?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Jun 12

Remove refit memory modules and graphics card (if separate)then retry

report back

if you can get to Advance menu using F8 (or F5) select startup repair.

  thosjc 24 Jun 12

Thank you fruit bay. Seems to have worked. I'm now running a virus scan in case and will watch what happens but so far so good.

  rdave13 24 Jun 12

I would also check the time and date is correct.

  buteman 24 Jun 12

Also check the air vents for dust and fluff.if so inside will also need cleaning.


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