Computer won`t boot

  Stuy 14:10 26 Oct 03

Friends computer infected with virus. Antivirus cleaned it and rebooted, now it won`t boot. Fan runs but thats it. I`m stumped so any ideas?

  AL D. 14:12 26 Oct 03

More info please,

  Stuy 14:18 26 Oct 03

Compac Presario 5000 with Xp. No attempted boot, monitor stays off. I pulled out the harddisk and connected it to one of mine, scanned it again and its clean.

  AL D. 14:24 26 Oct 03

When you say "clean" do you mean it is formated and no operating system?

  DieSse 14:33 26 Oct 03

When you say won't boot - you mean nothing happens at all (ahrdware problem) - or it boots but doesn't go into Windows?

Will the system boot from a floppy?

  AL D. 14:33 26 Oct 03

have a look here,click here

  Stuy 14:41 26 Oct 03

Clean as in no infection. It won`t boot from floppy, nothing is starting.

  DieSse 14:51 26 Oct 03

You may have inadvertenty disturbed something inside the system.

Check all the cables - reseat them.

Remove and refit the RAM

Clear the CMOS/BIOS.

If you hadn't been inside the system, then it's a strange co-incidence - what was the virus you found?

  AndySD 14:52 26 Oct 03

Make sure its not a loose connection in the pc first.... or a card or ram isnt loose. Then if it were mine I would locate the jumper on the motherboard and reset the see if it would boot then.

  AndySD 14:52 26 Oct 03

ooops too slow.

  AL D. 15:01 26 Oct 03

can you remember the name of the virus?

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