Computer will not start

  darrenaj 10:11 07 Jan 05

I am running xp home edition. My son switched of the power to the computer without shutting it down. NOw when it starts, I get the black screen with the Windows XP logo and the green scrolling bar for 3 minutes, and then it reboots. It does the same in safe mode. Help Please.

  VoG II 10:15 07 Jan 05
  JIM 10:16 07 Jan 05

start up windows and keep pressing F8 untill the screen comes up with writting and follow intructions to Start system with last know good Configuration.

Use the up and down arrows o select and enter.

See how you do first.

  Xevious 10:19 07 Jan 05

same thing happened to me a while back. i also found the same link that VoG™ posted, this worked for me.

good luck!

  darrenaj 11:54 07 Jan 05

Thanks all. Jim tried this, but it will not let me do anything. Vog, will try your suggestion tonight. I do not have the xp installation disc, I have 2 discs that came with the pc, but I have 6 floppy discs that have xp boot on it which I used for a previous problem you helped me with on the office system, will they do they same job? If I run the 6 discs, and then click on the resolve tab, will this do the same thing?

  VoG II 11:59 07 Jan 05

Yes, you should be able to boot from the set of 6 floppy disks then start the Recovery Console by pressing the R key to repair click here:

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