Computer will not Reformat

  spuds 12:08 22 Feb 07

Having made quite a number of attempts, I cannot get my computer to reformat, any help or advice much appreciated.

After placing the original oem Microsoft Home XP disk in the computer drive, the computer doesn't respond, or give any indications of booting from disk. The H/D activation led light stays permantly on red. Trying various things we can get into the bios, and are able to make a few adjustments, but thats about all.Occasionally we can see a display 'Boot from CD', but we are unable to do so.Once we even managed to get the Microsoft screensaver, and start from Safe Mode etc, but the computer crashed.

Any help or advice much appreciated, due to getting desparate after spending two days and getting no where.

  Diemmess 12:16 22 Feb 07

I hope I'm not telling you what you already know, but do go into the BIOS and change any startup from HD(0)to CDROM.
Save and let it boot up now with your XP CD in the slot.

Later, when reformat is over, undo the change in BIOS again.

  Diemmess 12:21 22 Feb 07

.......this is what I meant when I said "Startup" in the BIOS

  spuds 13:31 22 Feb 07

Tried that,No luck.

Even when screen advices 'Boot from Disk:' Unable to do anything.

  Killo Bite 13:57 22 Feb 07

does the screen have Boot From CD, at the time you see this press enter on the Keyboard the other reasons are as above like Boot order ideally CD 1st then HDD.

Also if you can start to format and it refuses then its usually becase of a HDD fault.

  spuds 14:05 22 Feb 07

Killo Bite

HDD fault, that's what we were thinking. Pressing enter to boot from cd, doesn't give a response.

I have another computer active,so I intend to download Maxtor's diagnostic for HD faults. But going on past result, even that thought could be very hit and miss. I have a slave unit, and we are going to try and perhaps work round that, and see if it will boot from that, time permitting later today.

  spuds 18:23 23 Feb 07


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