Computer Voltage Problems! Help!

  Monitor Master 19:17 23 Jul 03

Hi All

I have got a hardware monitor on my computer. Its reporting that the +3.3V is running at 3.09v where as it should run between 3.10v and 3.45v.

Should i be worried about this?

What is causing this?

How can i resolve it?

Thanks for your help Michael

  -pops- 19:20 23 Jul 03

If you didn't have this monitor on your computer you would never know about this lost 0.01 of a volt. Hardly going to make a difference to the national grid.

Is your machine operating OK? If it is, forget about these micro-miniscule variations from the norm.

  woodchip 19:24 23 Jul 03

Computer part's are far from perfect if you could get MOD electronic part's you would see a difference. As they have to meat certain criteria

  -pops- 19:27 23 Jul 03

I've just paid my annual visit to my hardware monitor.

Is is the Vio you are referring to? If it is then on mine the lowest operating voltage is stated to be 2.30V, it's the adjustable limits box that is set to 3.10V.

Refer to the fixed limits outside of the adjusters for the real extremes of working values.

  Monitor Master 20:31 23 Jul 03

I know if it was for the monitor i would not know but does anyone know how this affects the power of the computer?

Is this because there is not enough power to go around in my computer?

I have a 300w PSU which the below are on:

AMD 1700+
2X 40gig Hard Drives
Ti4200 Graphics
Firewire Card
Network Card

Thanks Michael

P.S i am planing on getting a DVD-RW as well soon would a PSU upgrade make any difference or would it be a good idea?

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