computer viruses

  technician 18:49 02 Jan 03
  technician 18:49 02 Jan 03

Hi, while on the internet a popup appeared and said my computer has a virus and that they can fix it. The firm are eAnthology in America. Has anybody heard of them, are they any good or is it just a scam?.

  VoG™ 18:54 02 Jan 03
  Peter E 21:52 02 Jan 03

You can pick the brains and experience of people like VoG™.

There are a lot of scams out there so don't be fooled.

The other day I was on a perfectly respectable site to send a greeting card to someone. Whilst I was waiting for it to load, a little box popped up (as though part of the site) and asked did I want my computer clock checking and updating with correct time. I clicked Yes and the next thing I know GATOR is trying to download on my machine. I managed to stop it but Gator is another little beggar that's got to be watched out for.

As they said in the TV series "be careful out there".


  mikef™ 21:57 02 Jan 03

Unfortunatly this is one of several companies that try scare tactics to get you to buy their software, most if not all are scams.

  fosters 12:28 04 Jan 03

Does anyone know about this virus I am running AVG which has the latest update 31/12/02.
I have also run trend housecall which says I am clear .
I am of low to medium experience on computers so nothing to technical in the replies please.

  spuds 12:48 04 Jan 03

Run a Google search, I am sure something of interest will come up.

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