Computer turns itself ON for no reason

  Mossy 12:09 03 Sep 03

I've got two computers on a network running Win2K Pro.

When one of my computers is on for around an hour the other computer decides to turn itself on for no apparent reason.

Its only just started happening and i've never experienced anything like this before.

Anybody got any ideas?

  tomhealy 12:15 03 Sep 03

Has the motherboard got 'Wake On Lan' enabled?

  Mossy 12:21 03 Sep 03

I think it does hav WOL enabled. Is that the problem then?

Would I change that in BIOS or in the network settings in Win2K?

  tenaka 12:27 03 Sep 03

had a ghostbuster check you're house recently? 8P

  tenaka 12:28 03 Sep 03

"your" - doh

  Mossy 12:32 03 Sep 03

No! Just about to move house so hopefully it'll stay here :-)

Just checked and in the BIOS WOL is disabled so any new ideas?

  -pops- 12:33 03 Sep 03

Take the plug out.

  Mossy 15:41 03 Sep 03

I don't fancy unpluging and plugging in everytime I want to use the computer.

Must be something to do with the settings as its only just recently started doing it.

Flippin computers

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