computer trying to install printer on start up

  cappac 11:30 26 Jan 07

i have just purchased a new laptop after up dating an error have occured everytime i restart i get the add new hardware wizard trying to install a printer that does not exist and never has...i have never had a printer on this computer and it is brand new i have googled the problem and apparently it does happen tried to fix problem in registry as per some articles i have read to no avail anyone got any ideas

  provider 2 11:45 26 Jan 07

You might want to use this click here carefully,though.

  jack 11:50 26 Jan 07

You are certain it it is a Brand New machine as opposed to one from a main retailer who may have put a returned item back on the shelf.
This is a not unknown practice.

  Totally-braindead 11:53 26 Jan 07

What you could do is let windows install it. Then just disable it.
I had a similar problem with my Epson 680, of course the difference is my printer exists, anyway I install the printer using the software supplied but everytime I restarted windows insisted that it needed to install it again.
Weird but all I did was allow windows to install its own driver and then ignored it and used the normal Epson driver. Theres now 2 Epson 680s in my printers but that doesn't matter as only one is selected as the default printer.

  cappac 12:49 26 Jan 07

i have tried letting windows install the printer but it does not install have tried all the basic things i am lead to believe it is a problem in the registry

  provider 2 14:45 26 Jan 07

When you say "have tried all the basic things" does that include Windows Installer CleanUp Utility? If not, you really ought to give it a go. It will also remove registry entries for a particular program that is not installed.

  cappac 14:52 26 Jan 07

there is nothing in the clean up utility that looks like it would have anything to do with a printer

  provider 2 15:25 26 Jan 07

Just a thought: It`s not VERCLSID.EXE. conflicting
with HPGS2WND.EXE OR HPGS2WNF.EXE is it? HP updates can be notorious for causing problems.

  cappac 15:27 26 Jan 07

yes it is a hp laptop

  cappac 15:28 26 Jan 07

what is verclsid.exe

  provider 2 15:33 26 Jan 07

It`s in the 908531 patch. It verifies shell extensions to make sure they are not a security hole.

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