Computer to Television

  Bushell20 15:45 12 Jun 05


I want to connect an HP computer to my television as my monitor no longer works.

Do you know what type of PCI card I need to connect my computer and TV? Do I need extra leads?

I am getting rather confused by the TV TV/OUT Digital TV Cards that are on the market

*I don't want to wach tv via my computer*

I would appreciate your help



  DieSse 15:58 12 Jun 05

You don't need a digital TV card.

You do either need a graphics card that has a TV output,


A TV with a VGA/monitor input (only newer LCD and Plasma TVs will have this

have you got either of these?

  DieSse 16:03 12 Jun 05


a converter like this click here

For other converters do a search on Google using the term .... vga to tv converter ....

Be aware that unless you have a recentish high quality TV - the picture will be considerably less tha good.

  Bushell20 16:12 12 Jun 05

No, I don't have an LCD/Plasma TV or a TV Out graphics cards so looks like I am going shopping. Now I know what I need :)

Cheers for the advice

  Stuartli 18:11 12 Jun 05

It would be as cheap or cheaper to buy a new 17in CRT monitor from e-buyer (cost from £47 upwards) or even a reconditioned model from outlets such as click here for even less, then buy a graphics card and, in addition, suffer the poor resolution of a ordinary TV set.

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