computer system been taken over by 7-zip

  maggieann65 17 Feb 13

Had been trying to open a game with 7-zip and used file menu tools, by mistake pressed add to notepad. Everything has changed to 7-zip even when l press google chrome. Tried command promt,readit but goes straight to another 7-zip box again.In my file/protocal under .sys again programme is 7-zip. l am not a wiz and completely stuck.please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Feb 13

Op system?

you need to reset the file allocations to default it is different for each op system.

  maggieann65 17 Feb 13

op system windows 7 64 bit please help mpre

  rdave13 17 Feb 13

Have a look here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Feb 13

It may be easier to do a system restore to before the problem began.

  maggieann65 17 Feb 13

rdave13 thank you will have a look and try

frutbat thank you but it will not let me do restore or download anything

  Nontek 17 Feb 13

Or, if none of the above work, try a System Restore in Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing F8 during Start-up.

  mgmcc 17 Feb 13

It seems your brother is also trying to resolve this problem for you in another forum.

  maggieann65 17 Feb 13

rdave13 a big big thank you to you, your link done the trick

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Feb 13

Have a look at this it may help

  rdave13 17 Feb 13

Glad you're sorted.


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