computer stuck on standby mode

When i turn on my computer it goes into standy mode immediately. I've tried switching on/off at the plug but no joy, it will not boot up at all.
AMD Duron 750 processor, win 98
Can someone please HELP

  Indigo 1 15:21 22 Dec 03

Do you have any "boot disks" or "rescue disks" ? you could try booting from them

  Taff36 15:22 22 Dec 03

Can you get into safe mode by tapping F8 during start up?

  billyliv 18:25 22 Dec 03

Hi, Enter set up by hitting DEL or F2 and check all your settings. If need be select Factory settings or Default settings. Cheers, Bill

thanks to all for your response. tried all of your suggestions but no go.
i've found there seems to be no power to keyboard, floppy drive or the cd-rom drive.
both LED's are are lit on front of the tower and the cooler is still operational, there is still sound from HDD.
could you please advice further.
thank you.

'HAPPY NEW YEAR' in advance

  DieSse 00:54 30 Dec 03

It's not exactly stuck on standby - it simply isn't booting. I presume you get no display at all to the monitor, nor the POST (system test) beep.

If there is no power to the CD drive (the tray dosen't open?) - then the best first bet is a faulty power supply.

  DieSse 00:55 30 Dec 03

PS - it could also be more serious, with faulty motherboard and/or other items.

  gudgulf 01:01 30 Dec 03

Do you you mean that you dont get as far as the post screen when you try to boot up?
If you dont it may be a graphics card failure or something on the motherboard. I have had similar problems with an nvidia card failing and
swapping to a spare pci graphics card saved the day. Do you know what card is in your pc?

  gudgulf 01:03 30 Dec 03

Apologies DieSse--you got rhere before me

  DieSse 01:08 30 Dec 03

PS - remembered from an earlier thread - also check the keyboard isn't hanging it all up at an early stage.

  DAG88 02:00 30 Dec 03

I had a similar problem last week when i downloaded a dodgy file. I flashed the CMOS and everything went back to normal. You will need to check your motherboards manual for instructions to flash the CMOS or check the manufactures website

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