computer start up

  gordi 14:09 14 Aug 06

when I open I get a pop up message from Windows XP Set up stating - Please go to Control Panel to install and confiure system components. When I go to Control Panel I cannot find anything like this, being a 'thickie' I would like to know what must I do now to resolve this message.

  johndrew 14:15 14 Aug 06

Could be the blind leading the blind here, but does it mean it wants you to look at `Control Panle/System/Hardware/Device Manager?

  Graham. 14:17 14 Aug 06

Is this pop-up like a speech 'Balloon'?

To instal Windows components, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. On the left, Add/Remove Windows Components.

It may be something in the Startup menu is not installed.

Or we can stop the 'balloons' altogether!

  gordi 14:18 14 Aug 06

I'll try that and let you know cheers

  gordi 14:49 14 Aug 06

have tried all of above - closed down and started up again and the message came again. I must be missing something

  Zeppelyn 15:21 14 Aug 06

When exactly does this message pop up and can you state the exact wording.

  gordi 15:42 14 Aug 06

Zeppelyn - Once my Desk top is showing on start up the message comes up in a rectangular box with a dark blue border at the top containing the words 'Windows XP Set Up' and the words of the message - Please go to Control Panel to install and configure system components . This stays on screen until I manually remove it

  tiscalitrev 16:20 14 Aug 06

To add system components in XP. Go to control panel, click on add/remove programmes, then down the left hand side you will see add/ remove windows components, click on this and it will bring up a list of what components you have installed and give you the option of installing more ( you will need the XP disk) which ones you need I have no idea.Hope this helps,Trev.

  Graham. 16:28 14 Aug 06

Is this a new installation of Windows XP? If not, did anything happen to start this behaviour?

An easy option to try would be System Restore. Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Pick a time before it started.

If none of this works, we'll check the filing system next.

  gordi 17:04 15 Aug 06

I think that I have forwarded a reply to you by e-mail, you can tell what sort of a thickie I am, I am going away for a weeks holiday and leaving this off until Tuesday, 22nd August. Will try again on my return. Cheers

  Graham. 17:53 15 Aug 06

By email
'Have tried to go 'System Restore' but cannot go out of July although I have tried many different dates. XP was installed about 2 years ago and this trouble started about the end of June, hope that helps'

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