computer slow loading since update

  thumbscrew 22:31 15 Dec 08

I recently updated my free Superantispyware and now my machine takes a lot longer to load...anyone else the same?

  basbrin 22:49 15 Dec 08

its the first time that i hear about this anti spyware, but if it makes a problem,try to reinstall it ,if doent help uninstall it all and try this malwarebyte's anti malware , i use it and its very good. u can get it from its own site.

  thumbscrew 23:31 15 Dec 08

Thanks basbrin,reinstalled and it's still quite slow. Also tried start with Superantispyware uninstalled, so it's not that. I installed a new HP printer too, so could that be the culprit?

  basbrin 01:26 16 Dec 08

try dont turn on the printer till the windows load up..i mean dont load the printer with windows start, u can do that by the following:
1-start, then go to run
2- type msconfig
3-auto start
look for the HP printer, delete the X from the box if its chicked. and do restart.
NOTE: if u like u can uncheck other boxes for programs u dont want them to start up with windows.

  mohawk32 08:23 16 Dec 08

i speeded up my pc by going into services and disabling what i didn't need. That is definetly the way to go.
About your spyware program, a few are using service pack 3. If you want to try that it may help.
Also, (in services) turn printer to manual instead of auto that way it only runs when needed.
Or, could be a compatability issue, have you installed or updated anything?
If worst comes to worst try avast home, that is the best antispyware going at the moment and is a free download (do a boot up scan - brilliant!!)

  Belatucadrus 09:08 16 Dec 08

Superantispyware free is an on demand scanner only, so shouldn't really have any components to affect the boot times of a PC. I suspect you need to look elsewhere. Your new printer would seem a logical starting point.

  thumbscrew 09:34 16 Dec 08

Thanks all, only upgraded Superantispyware and installed the printer recently, tried to turn off said items at startup but still slow???

  basbrin 09:56 16 Dec 08

may this helps.. click here

  thumbscrew 21:26 16 Dec 08

basbrin, so helpful...above and beyond the cause of duty amigo. It boots up seemingly ok, but the Tiscali connection button takes an inordinate amount of time before it connects to the Internet, This has only started to happen since I connected the HP printer. The solution you helpfully posted is rather beyond my limited computer capabilities, I'm reluctant to mess with the history when attempting to do so is littered with catastrophes.

  thumbscrew 21:31 16 Dec 08

Thanks too, mohawk and Belatucadrus

  basbrin 18:44 17 Dec 08

great to feed back ..;)

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