Computer Scan

  JohnC123 17:57 26 Apr 04

Quite frequently my Sygate Firewall tells me that my computer is being scanned - For example:
"Somebody is scanning your computer.
Your computer's TCP ports:
2745, 445, 3127, 6129 and 139 have been scanned from"
When I do a back trace on it I find it is from various sources but nearly always from RIPE - for instance - today it told me the scan source was here :role: BEZEQINT HOSTMASTERS TEAM
address: Bezeq International
address: 40 hashacham st.
address: Petach Tikva 49170 Israel
Can anyone please tell me why someone in Israel is scanning my computer - should I be concerned ?
I set my Firewall to "Block All" but the scan still comes through- shown as "minor" on the security log.
Any advice or explainations will be appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:05 26 Apr 04

Your ports are being scanned all the time, this is how the Net works. Turn off the alerts they are a waste of space and time.


  Shas 18:07 26 Apr 04

This sort of thing worried me when I first installed a firewall. One day alone I had over 1100 access attempts and today I've had 610. Advice from varous sources all said the same thing - don't worry as the firewall is blocking everything. Switch off the pop-up alerts because you could spend almost all day reading them and getting no work done!

  woodchip 18:08 26 Apr 04

Turn it of so you cannot see it, a firewall should work without being seen

  JohnC123 18:09 26 Apr 04

Thanks fro the responses - how do I turn off the alerts ?

  woodchip 18:09 26 Apr 04

PS it is obviously working so why worry

  woodchip 18:11 26 Apr 04

I use Free ZoneAlarm so it will be different but it should be there with a bit of searching

  JohnC123 18:13 26 Apr 04

Thanks to all for the prompt responses - seems nothing to be concerned about after all !

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