computer says nought

  cuzy1 14:30 09 Mar 09

Can anyone answer this.Ive got quite a old computer, i have had no problem with it, up to now. Basically i went on it a week ago. When i went on programs, the cursor started flickering and sounds from the speakers.Now it did this when i went on the internet, also when i clicked on address bars i would get 00000000 come up and i can't get rid of it. I have got windows xp pro. I tried windows restore but that has made no differnet. Is the computer on its way out. I can't install anythink because everytime i click on a window i get the noughts. Can anybody give me a idea please.

  Jak_1 14:37 09 Mar 09

Have you done avirus scan and a malware scan yet?

  daxian 15:08 09 Mar 09

hi cuzy 1...
check your keyboard for sticking keys or o
most likely to be this ...Dave

  cuzy1 17:50 09 Mar 09

Yes i've done all that. still no joy?.Say like i go on IE when i click the window all it comes up with is all noughts, and the speakers starts going mad

  Pineman100 17:54 09 Mar 09

You say you've checked your keyboard for sticking keys, but have you tried a different keyboard on the machine, just to be sure? Ditto a different mouse.

  cuzy1 18:05 09 Mar 09

Yes i've tried it, and it seem to have worked Thanks to all. The pints are on me what you all having

  daxian 23:34 09 Mar 09

hi cuzy1....
all we ask is you tick it as resolved ...that makes us happy ...and knowing we helped !!!! Dave

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