Computer restart disc

  kingussie 10:00 21 Oct 05

Yesterday I had a message asking if I wanted to compile a CD record for start up in the event of PC failure. I said yes and it compiled a record of all files and folders etc,then said it was ready to save to disc,but needed 8 CD's or one DVD. As I did not have 8 CD's to hand I had to say cancel. I now have the DVD's but cannot find where the download instructions are. Can you help.
PS Does a DVD really handle 8 times as much data as a CD ?

  kingussie 10:02 21 Oct 05

Sorry...OS is windows XP home

  pauldonovan 10:05 21 Oct 05 this a new PC? Did you click on something/run something? Was it the first boot ever?

This doesn't sound like any Windows XP functionality i've ever seen but might be something bespoke from your manufacturer.

  kingussie 11:37 21 Oct 05

New PC Compaq in use for two weeks and just came up as they say.

  DieSse 15:28 21 Oct 05

"PS Does a DVD really handle 8 times as much data as a CD"

A standard CD holds 650Mb - a standard DVD 4.7Gb single layer and 8.5Gb dual layer.

So - very roughly it hold 7x - but due to extraneous extra data when making a backup across multiple disks - 7 to 8x is about correct.

  rawprawn 15:45 21 Oct 05

What is the backup program you are using?

  kingussie 16:04 21 Oct 05

Don't know. All the system sreccomended was to commence back up,which is what I started to do

  rawprawn 09:22 22 Oct 05

New Compaq ! if I were you I would ring their helpline, I don't think anyone here would like to just "Guess" at what has happened.
You could try a "Search" for Backup

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