Computer requests password after 5 mins idle

  bernvs 23 May 13

HP Desktop Computer. Although I have set the sleep setting to 1 hour, after 5 mins or so the screen reverts to asking for the password again. When I re-enter the password the screen goes back to where I left it. Why or how can I sort this?

  lotvic 23 May 13

Double check all your Screensaver and Powersaver options. Somewhere in there you have ticked 'ask for password'. It might be the screensaver kicking in after 5 mins non-activity.

  bernvs 23 May 13

Have checked the 2 options for display and sleep. Turn off display is set at 45 mins. Sleep is set to 1 hour. I did not see a request for a password other at point of signing on and restart and this has always been the case from new (18 months). This problem has arisen in the last week or so. (I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on HP G5360uk).

  lotvic 23 May 13

Here is a screenshot of the screensaver setting to have a look at.

  bernvs 24 May 13

Hi Lotvic. Many thanks for your answer and screenshot. After clicking on Control Panel-power options-personalisation and then Screen Saver picture, I found the timer set to 2 minutes. I clicked on the tick in 'On Resume' box to remove it and this allowed me to reset the time (15 mins seems long enough to answer the phone or make a drink).I chose the 'marine fish tank' as my saver screen. I left the tick off the 'On Resume' box, clicked 'apply-OK' and backed out. It works great. If anyone else follows this I would add that to exit this saver screen I had to right click on screen to select exit to get back to normal. My sincere thanks,Regards, Bernvs

  spuds 24 May 13

You are probably okay now, but if the problem only occured in the past week or so, then there might be an underlying fault. A computer normally doesn't change previously good settings itself. So perhaps best to keep this in mind?.

  lotvic 24 May 13

Glad you've now got it how you want.

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  bernvs 25 May 13

Hi Spuds. Thanks for the tip, I will bear this in mind. Regards, Bernvs


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