Computer "refuses" to boot (XP Home)

  RobbieRoberts 00:30 27 Dec 07

Hi everyone.
I hope you had a good Christmas.
My problem as he title indicates is a reluctant computer - I am using my Timeuk Laptop to send this message.
The Start up screen carries the message
"CMOS Settings WRong
CMOS Memory Size Wrong"
Does this mean that the back up battery is dead, or what?

  Ashrich 00:38 27 Dec 07

It certainly sounds like that , have you tried actually accessing the bios to correct things manually first , although the memory size bit does sound a bit worrying . Go in to the bios , click on default settings and see if it will then boot after you have saved things , then reboot the system completely and see if it happens again .


  birdface 00:40 27 Dec 07

Sounds like your battery is dead.Was your computer loosing the time and date.

  birdface 00:48 27 Dec 07

It will cost you about £3 for a new battery if that is what the problem is.

  birdface 18:29 27 Dec 07

Have you tried to see if it runs Ok in safe mode.If so you could try last good configuration.

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