computer problem

  laurie_datlen 12:26 28 Jan 03

i want to setup network upstairs and downstairs in my house what i want to know is can the person downstairs see what the person upstairs is doing on the internet and also do i have to have a phoneline upstairs and downstairs to use the net or can i just have one and share the net

  Elrond 12:29 28 Jan 03

laurie, I don' think you need to make more than one copy of the same post. It will eventually get confusing for people when they do reply. If people aren't answering it's probably not because they aren't reading it its because they don't know what to suggest.

  laurie_datlen 12:30 28 Jan 03

whatever elrond nice username

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 12:40 28 Jan 03

In short the answers are 1) no the person d/stairs will not be able to see what you are doing on the. 2) you will need to network both machines and set up sharing (for files/printer etc) both machines can then share the internet connection, but a word of warning unless you are on broadband the connection will be VERY slow! hope this helps, if not post back and will try to be more specific

  Old PC man 13:56 28 Jan 03

With that attitude I'm sure you will do well here.

Elrond was trying to give you some guidance, but you don't seem to appreciate his efforts.

  Elrond 21:44 28 Jan 03

Thanks Old PC Man. I was only trying to give her guidance, but as with a lot of things, they get thrown back in your face.

  Old PC man 13:38 29 Jan 03

Some people are nice to deal with, others "whatever"

Response is conspicuous by its absence on this one eh?

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 17:03 29 Jan 03

I see that my offer to help has been gratefuly received,

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