butcher90 10:16 15 Jul 10

My computer has started freezing up randomly, requiring me to restart. There is no message or anything, the screen just freezes on whatever I am doing. Why would this be????

I have Windows 7 32bit
Dual core 2 - 3ghz
8800 gtx
4gb ram

Edit: I have just noticed my dvd drive no longer shows aswell

  Dark Mantis 10:20 15 Jul 10

Check to see what programs you have running in the background. How long have you had the machine?

  Salut 10:24 15 Jul 10

If this is the new lap top from your earlier thread take it back to the shop you bought it from...

  lotvic 10:26 15 Jul 10

Open pc up and check that everything is firmly seated in. Sounds like something has worked loose a little through expansion and contraction.

  sunnystaines 10:38 15 Jul 10

could be faulty or failing memory, download and run the free memotest86 software to check your ram

click here


PSU failing, fit a spare or borrowed on to see if the problem stops

  butcher90 10:58 15 Jul 10

No its not a laptop. Its a PC i have had for about 2 years.

I have given it to 2 technicians and they have said its fixed. but when i try it, after about half an hour it freezes.

And then after i reset it, the DVD drive disappears.

Its i have also Re-Installed window 7, as someone told me it the first install may be corrupt. but that hasnt helped. At the moment, all i have installed is Windows 7, and no other programmes.

  butcher90 11:01 15 Jul 10

oh and i have 1200W PSU, the computer switches on fine, but just doesnt work properly.

Do you really think its the RAM?
I have the 1600Hz 4GB Dragon Ram, i dont want to spend too much on more RAM if thats not the problem.

  lotvic 11:11 15 Jul 10

Disconnect everything, DVD Drive, HDD and anything else.
Just have one stick of RAM in and boot up to BIOS.
(if you go past the BIOS POST it will tell you 'no bootable drive found' but ignore that)
Leave pc on and see if still freezes after about half an hour.

(to switch off press in the power button on tower for about 10 secs)

Add a component one by one and test each time for freezing.

Have you disturbed the CPU at all? I noticed in another thread you were thinking of changing it.

  lotvic 11:13 15 Jul 10

Oh and put a new motherboard battery in.

  butcher90 11:22 15 Jul 10

no i havent touched it at all. i just got it back from repair yesterday. and it wasnt working.

how can i see if it freezez if i dont go through to windows??

and why would the motherboard battery cause this??

  northumbria61 11:48 15 Jul 10

Checks to eliminate possibilities -

click here.

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