Computer powers on but no signal to monitor

  JConcept4 13 Mar 12


I recently tried to install a second hard drive in my computer which has been working fine. When I powered off my machine and installed the second SATA drive my monitor would no get a signal from the computer when rebooted.

Lights on the mobo all turn on ok, the fans all kick and spin, the cd drive opens and closes.

I've tried a few things like holding the power button for 30secs, removing ram etc but nothing is helping.

Anybody any ideas?

(I've also tried a second graphics card in the machine and exactly the same, no signal to monitor, the mobo has no on board graphics)

  KRONOS the First 13 Mar 12

Adding a second HDD will not have caused this problem I wouldn't have thought. If it was just the one card I would have suggested making sure it was seated correctly,but you say you have tried another GPU. What is your motherboard by the way?

Can you try another cable,just to rule that out or not as a cause of the lack of signal to the monitor.

  JConcept4 13 Mar 12

Thanks for the reply

After an hour of tweaking and messing all is now ok.

In the end I cleared the CMOS and reset the mobo.

I then unplugged the power lead and held the power button down for 1min.

After that all is good again.

Computers eh.

  KRONOS the First 13 Mar 12

Odd,still glad it is sorted.


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