Computer locks after loading in Norton 2006

  micktrish 19:30 19 Feb 06

My mate has just got off the phone to me saying that he has just put Norton 2006 on his Pentium III 256Ram machine, and now the after boot up he gets his MSM start then the machine freezes, any ideas beside the obvious ie old machine how to cure/uninstall Norton before it freezes, according to him he can just about get to the start button but then it freezes before the panel opens...any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:33 19 Feb 06

Can he boot into safe mode? Press F5 at startup and choose safe mode from the menu; then uninstall Norton and get a refund.

  micktrish 19:38 19 Feb 06

Ill get him to try tomorrow, why didnt I think of that, that should do it....I think...I'll let you know

  jimv7 19:45 19 Feb 06

Even Bill G cant stand norton.... click here

  micktrish 23:34 25 Feb 06

worked a treat - thanks

  Lettervanman 08:51 26 Feb 06

Well the way I read it,it was an MS error that wrongly flaged Norton as at fault.
Not the other way around!

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